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Business Video Trends

Business Video Trends

By Thomas Hays, Job Supervisor– Creative Providers, Production Services department of metroConnections

Video engages audiences more than any other media because video is comprised of all other media. Sight, noise, non-verbal interaction and composed word all make a look in video. When used correctly, video can engage an audience on several levels and convey more info, quicker, than an article or photo alone, could. On the other hand, video can be a difficult medium to master given that there is a very short window that we need to grab an audience’s attention.

Gone are the days of messy, ‘disorderly’ videos and text based videos (think whiteboard-explainer-videos)– which are on the escape. Text-based videos are easy to comprehend, they aren’t engaging viewers as much as they used to– resulting in less videos being totally seen. Explainer videos need to evolve to keep individuals engaged.

However what separates a “dull” video from an interesting one? What are some elements to consist of, and what does not require to be consisted of? Guaranteeing your video is not boring frequently needs a trial-and-error method. We recommend remaining away from extended screencasts, along with holding on one shot for too long. If possible, use a multi-camera setup to capture an interview from 2 various angles. This will offer the editor different choices to cut to and prevent you from sitting on the exact same shot for too long. Cut away shots of animations, images, or b-roll (video of information shots, without sound) are a fantastic method to keep the video appealing– so long as they are utilized appropriately. Visuals can help make a video more appealing, but if the content isn’t interesting or worth seeing, audiences won’t stay. Ensure the story of the video has value and is set out to develop momentum, keeping audiences engaged. Finally, play music tracks quietly under the entire piece to keep the video moving and avoid any ‘dead air’ from taking place.

We’re seeing business and brand name get imaginative when it pertains to producing stellar videos, here are seven trends in video that appear to be getting attention:

  1. Movement graphics– Motion graphics are continuing to become more accessible as software application supplies more support in this field.
  2. Strong use of typography– Fascinating usage of typography draws viewers into a video.
  3. Intense videos that draw the viewers in– Finest used in explainer videos, corporate videos, and commercials.
  4. Elegant videos, particularly those with a faded scheme, crushed shadows and dropped highlights. Typically includes a little bit of a shade towards gray, orange, or brown.
  5. Minimal, tidy design is being used all over– social networks, websites, and mobile phone apps; and I visualize that equating to video and style in other places.
  6. Site splash pages– having the ability to discretely inform a story or convey an emotion in the background of a website with video, while overlaying text from the browser.
  7. Innovative designs for engaging with customers through mobile apps– intentionally designed and formatted for the medium.

Videos are engaging throughout discussions simply put, deliberate periods. When utilized throughout a discussion, it offers a change-of-pace for guests, keeping them engaged. Videos can be utilized to identify sections of a presentation from one another, serve as a shift to a brand-new speaker, or simply provide another ‘voice’ to the discussion. Furthermore, utilizing video is beneficial due to the fact that it enables you to thoroughly construct and deliver a message in a condensed timeframe– leaving the presenter with more time to dive into their topic.

At metroConnections, our creative services team tailors every video it develops to the individual customer. Beyond the material of the videos being different to each customer, we concentrate on generating aspects of the customer’s style or promo to really tailor it. We understand the power that videos have in events and presentations, and work carefully with our customers to produce the one-of-kind, interesting video that their participants crave.

To find out more, please email us at info@metroconnections.com!.?.!. Business Video Trends by Tom Hays initially appeared in Minnesota Conferences+Occasions, Summer 2018 Edition, page 16.

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